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Web Guru welcomes you! The Chartered Marketer & strategic marketing ebusiness professional. Improving companies' profits, marketing and ebusiness.

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Developing a long term relationship with our clients is the Web Guru's principle aim. Once the initial online development for a client is complete, the Web Guru strives to ensure that your website achieves maximum success for your business.

We are always looking for ways to enhance our Clients' performance and generate your anticipated revenue.

The Web Guru’s latest service is based on search engine optimisation (SEO), which increases website traffic and online profits. Using our industry- leading expertise, the Web Guru's comprehensive SEO service establishes suitable ways to improve our client’s website ranking on the major search engines.

With more than 391 million people accessing the web - 85% of which using search engines daily, a growing number of businesses are working to improve their website ranking. According to New Media Age, ten times more money is being spent on paid search advertising- which is becoming more competitive and expensive.

Google estimates that roughly 90% of searchers on it's website ignore the "Pay per click" listings and concentrate on their free ranking listings service. So it's makes very good business sense for you to maximise your website's potential traffic generating programme with our SEO service.

Whilst we can not guarantee a top 10 free listing for your website but based on our previous expertise for other websites we are generating a huge amount of website traffic purely by using our SEO services:

SEO works

As you can see from the graph above our SEO programme will take several months to achieve any degree of significant website traffic. However patience and persistence can bring stunning results.

As competition grows ever more fierce, we can expect to see search engine developments accelerate. Web Guru keeps its clients up-to-date with all the latest technological advancements, ensuring you achieve maximum online success and remain one step ahead of your competitors.

Short Term Search Engine Optimisation Project

We were asked by a client to boost their online traffic using legitimate search engine optimisation techniques.

The project lasted six months with a remit to boost traffic over four months and then to let the website float without any of our SEO assistance to see what would happen.

This is what happened:
Web guru's visitors per month

· Increased visitor traffic from the Google “free listings” by 1,099%
· Achieved 8 separate listings on the top ten first page free search results on Google.co.uk
· Attracting over 18,000 new visitors in October alone and approx 35,000 new visitors in total.

· ROI was a maximum Cost Per Clickthrough of ONLY 5.27p per new visitor!

· The visitor traffic generated from the “free listings” on the Google search engines generated over 48% of the total traffic from July to November 2004 inclusively.
· This compares with the just 8.5% of traffic which the Client’s own Google “paid for” listings generated over the same time period.
· Since the conclusion of the trial search engine optimisation project in October the levels of new website traffic from the free Google listing declined at the rate of approximately one half per month.

The graph below proves that we didn't just use a Google AdSence campaign to boost the results:Traffic by referrers
Needless to say, but the client signed up for another campaign in January!



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"Thank you Simon for getting our website to the very top of the first page on Google! My company has just picked up yet another new customer order- Thank you!"- L.M. - Company Director.

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